Ref. 47693 : Sales Support Booking Engine

Oferta laboral

Dades de l'empresa
Activitat : Desarrollo y gestión de proyectos online para cadenas hoteleras y hoteles independientes.  
Municipi : Palma  
Província : Illes Balears  
País : Espanya  
Dades de l'oferta
Període oferta: 17/07/2017 - 17/01/2018  
Horari : De 9 a 18:30h  
Retribució : 1000   mensuals
Nre. de llocs oferts : 1  
Tasques/funcions : - Supporting the Sales Manager team with the preparation of documentation for commercial visits.
- Supporting the Sales Manager team about each sales meeting.
- Arranging sales visits through phone with hotels.
- Preparing the sales agenda commercial visits.
- Planning commercial meetings.
- Maintaining internal documentation regarding the commercial pipeline.
- Maintaining business relationships with existing clients and managing accounts on ongoing basis.

- Helping with the analysis of product/KPI performance, mainly focused on the drivers of variances of targets and previous year performance.
- Supporting the preparation of targets through a market research, an internal analysis of the business model and an identification of business development and growth opportunities.
Observacions :  
Dades del contracte
Categoria : Turismo  
Tipus de contracte : Durada determinada a temps complet  
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