Ref. 48305 : 12è Fòrum UIB - Client Satisfaction experience internship

Pràctiques per a estudiants universitaris grau i postgrau

Dades de l'empresa
Activitat : Turismo  
Municipi : Palma  
Província : Illes Balears  
País : Espanya  
Dades de l'oferta
Període oferta: 12/02/2018 - 14/06/2018  
Horari : Monday through Friday from 09-14h  
Retribució : 397.95   mensuals
Nre. de llocs oferts : 1  
Tasques/funcions : The candidate will be dedicated to listen to the Voice of our External Partners, both taking into account hotels and clients. The intern will be proactive to run, with the support/guidance of Business Process Excellence + Marketing departments, initiatives that will help the Company to identify which is the external perception of our hotels and clients about working with Hotelbeds.

Support driving the Voice of the Partner project: help the company to
incorporate regular feedback about hotels and clients satisfaction in their daily work with Hotelbeds: Identify key indicators, measurement, communication, opportunities detection and implementation support.
Learn how to use the Marketing tool to manage surveys: register questions, prepare & launch survey, responses follow up, data analysis, etc.

Consolidate quantitative data gathered from the surveys and prepare statistical analysis based on different variables dependent on how do we want to present
the results.
Identify improvements opportunities.
Present the analyzed data to different business areas.
Support Business Process Excellence department to drive cross-functional projects.
Develop and monitor E2E performance of key value streams (supplier & customer).

Identify pain points & improvements opportunities within the E2E core processes.
Analyze necessary actions to deliver results in coordination with the different business units across the organization.
Update periodic control/follow-up
Studies area: Economics, Statistics, Business.
Language skills: Fluent English is essential ( Spanish desirable).
Soft / Personal skills:
- Good analytical skills in order to troubleshoot and resolve business process, information system and interpersonal issues.
- Strong statistical analysis skills required to understand and handle quantitative data.
- Microsoft Office Package. Excel would be a plus.
- Demonstrate strong interpersonal skills and be able to work effectively with
a variety of individuals and skill levels.
- Eagerness to learn new things.
Observacions : Per a més informació de l'empresa podeu consultar:  
Dades del conveni
Nre. d'hores diàries : 5  
Formació que adquirirà el/la becari/ària : You will have the opportunity to work for a company that is going through significant change in becoming the world´s leading travel services provider. We are looking for people that are ready to ride the wave in this exciting journey. As well as an attractive benefits package you will be able to work: Within an innovative, engaging and multicultural environment. Have the opportunity to build strong and lasting business relationships and friendships from around the world. Have the opportunity in developing your career locally or within one of our beautiful working locations across the globe.  
Forma de seguiment: Informes periòdics amb el tutor  
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